Rica Chiptrim
Rica Chiptrim
Emerald Motorstyrning
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  • Kabelhärva 4 cyl

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    Komplett kabelhärva för Emerald K6 ecu på 4-cylindrig motor.


    The loom is available in a variety of base configurations:

    * Inductive crank sensor
    * Inductive crank & cam sensors
    * Digital crank sensor
    * Inductive crank sensor & digital cam sensor
    * Digital crank sensor & inductive cam sensor
    * Digital crank sensor & digital cam sensor

    and two options of Coil setup:

    * Coil Pack
    * Coil on Plug (4 separate Coils)

    Standardised lengths (shown from ECU to connection):

    Crank sensor wires (shielded), unterminated - 1700mm
    Cam sensor wires (shielded), unterminated - 1700mm
    Coil Pack wires, unterminated - 1850mm
    Coil on Plug, unterminated - 1550/1650/1750/1850mm
    Fuel Injector wires, junior timer or EV6 connectors - 1550/1650/1750/1850mm
    Air temp sensor wires, junior timer connectors - 2000mm
    Coolant temp sensor wires, junior timer connectors - 2000mm
    MAP sensor wires, unterminated - 2000mm
    TPS sensor wires, unterminated - 2000mm
    Lambda sensor wires, unterminated - 1960mm
    Main Relay wires - 530mm
    Fuel Pump Relay wire, unterminated - 2000mm
    Cooling Fan wire, unterminated - 2000mm
    Tacho Driver wire, unterminated - 1850mm
    Battery +12v wire, unterminated- 1700mm
    Earth wire, unterminated - 1700mm

    The majority of sensor and output wires are supplied unterminated so that wire length can be trimmed to suit installations and connector choice is free.

    Various suitable connectors are available from "Connectors" section of our Shop.

    Please check your requirements before ordering. If any details above are not satisfactory please contact us for customisation. Full custom looms also available. E-mail or call us and we will do our best to provide you with a solution.

    Please note that this loom is made to order and may take longer to ship.

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  • Map-sensor 1.0 bar absolut

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